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Copper Collection is a limited series of products made thanks to the innovative FiDU technology. We create objects that combine art with design and are dedicated to individual customer needs.

Copper Catologue

Copper Collection

Copper has been accompanying humanity for over 10,000 years. Thanks to its physical properties and unique color, it has found application in both art and technology. Copper Collection is a limited series of products made thanks to the innovative FiDU technology. We create objects that combine art with design and are dedicated to individual customer needs.

Working on the material

It takes many years of work to fully understand the FiDU technology and be able to use it. It also takes time to be able to work consciously with the best and most luxurious materials, including copper. The result of understanding these two: the synergy of innovative technology and properties of noble material are our icons produced in a limited series of copper version.

Seducing finesse of colors

We love the copper which is the result of combining the forces of nature and man power. It is not only a luxury, but according to us, magic. Copper, reflecting the environment around and emanating a unique aura of warmth and generosity, becomes a part of it.

Material that changes

Copper is the only metal except gold with its own color. Pure, unprotected copper is aging beautifully, acquiring shades, depths, new colors. Exposure to external factors changes its color from a bright, characteristic metallic color, through opalescent bronze to a greenish patina, or patina. And if you want to bring then to the original look, you can do it at home in a few easy steps.

Foundation of civilizations

The ancient Egyptians described copper with an “ankh” hieroglyph, which also meant eternal life. Known for its durability, it accompanied humanity at all stages of the development of civilization. Copper plates was used for painting by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and El Greco. Copper Collection is the next chapter in the story of its strength, functionality and symbolism.

Beauty of copper objects

Stool Plopp is a design icon and the most well-known manifesto of FiDU technology. Its irregular, bionic form raises the utility object to the status of a work of art. Made of copper, it has become a desirable collector’s item and a metaphor for technological development. He was awarded the CU + Antimicrobial Certificate, granted by Copper Alliance.

Our work on Instagram

Thank you, Sebastian Sliwinski Studio @sebastiansliw, for this stunning arrangement of the OKO mirror in this elegant contemporary classical interior.⁠

We totally agree with the designer that this living room is a dream! Zieta Studio's #OKOmirror gives it an additional dreamy dimension...⁠

Read more about this steel inox mirror in the link in bio 🔍

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Three #TAFLAO mirrors adorn the wall with their organic bionic shapes at Mayer Magazine's @mayer_magazine office interiors. They are like huge drops of liquid metal immortalized in motion. ⁠

What do you think of such a minimalist setting? ⁠

If you want to know more about our TAFLA mirrors go to the link in bio!

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Thank you, Grzegorz Stępniewski @grzech_photography for capturing these beautiful colour reflections on our RONDO mirrors and on the glass of the MOS Scene of the @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

If you haven't visited the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition in Cracow yet, the following days are the last ones to take the chance! Don't miss it, it is really worth it! 😁⁠

Inside, you will find a wonderful world of Oskar Zięta's steel design – full of surprises and magic! Read more about the exhibition in the link in bio.

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This is the last weekend of the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition at the GAGA - Gallery of Architecture @galeria_gaga @malopolska_garden_of_arts @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

The enchanted #RONDOmirror is waiting for you outside...⁠

Photo: @grzech_photography

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The “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition is still open till the end of February! #inflatales #oskarzięta ⁠

The outdoor installation composed of #RONDOmirror of various sizes attracts the eye and tempts to come to the courtyard and step inside. ⁠

Do not hesitate and visit the show at Rajska 12, Kraków, GAGA - Gallery of Architecture in Garden of Arts @galeria_gaga @malopolska_garden_of_arts @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

Photo: @grzech_photography

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FiDU is an innovative technology of forming steel with compressed air, conceived by Oskar Zięta. The method is based on forcing air under high pressure into welded steel elements. During this process, from a two-dimensional piece of steel, a three-dimensional object with unique properties is created. FiDU technology produces not only beautiful but also functional forms. A tightly rolled metal profile, slowly filled with air, unfolds like a growing plant. ⁠

Visit @teatrwkrakowie to experience yourself the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” show. Last chance to see the exhibition, only till the last February, Tuesday – Sunday, 2 pm – 6 pm.

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