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Thermal coloring is a rare, forgotten technique, used by Oskar Zieta for coloring steel. Deep and intriguing color is obtained through the use of high temperature, extracting the surprising beauty of metal without the use of chemical dyes and reagents.

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Hidden beauty of metal

Steel revolutionized the modern world, built its foundation and shaped it in the way we know. It is used in constructions, automotive and almost every branch of industry. It has many unusual properties, but not all are so well known and obvious.

Developing the technology

The new face of steel was presented by Oskar Zieta. Using natural properties of various types of steel, through research led to development of technology that uses high temperature to colorize steel surfaces. Many years of experiments allowed to master the process of achieving specific colors and define them. It is a unique approach to a process, extracting not only its authentic form but also its authentic color.

Thermocolorized furniture

Thermal coloring is used for The Heat collection, created by Oskar Zieta, based on FiDU technology – inflating flat, steel forms with compressed air and changing them into stable, durable three-dimensional objects with intriguing shapes.

Sculpted with air

Characteristic bends and folds at the edges of forms are the showcase of technology and are called “controlled loss of control”. The artist develops the form, but leaves a certain freedom for the material to deform in the optimal way. In this way, unique and characteristic features of FiDU objects are created, making each object one of a kind.

Process designing

The objects undergo a technologically advanced heating process. Computer controlled furnaces are programmed to create certain conditions. The effect of heating process is a durable coloring fnish on the surface, revealing the natural, hidden beauty of the metal. All of this without using any paints and reagents.

Colors born in flames

Different coloring effects can be obtained depending on the type of steel used. Stainless steel objects so characteristic for Zieta gain a coat of deep, warm, sunny shade of “Flamed Gold” without losing the mirror-like depth. Applicating the process to a special type of carbon steel causes discoloration into intense deep shade of dark blue, shimmering with colorful nuances and resembling the cosmos, called “Cosmic Blue”. That was also the genesis of the name of the first table in such a finish – G-Table Cosmos, topped with a black granite tabletop.

Our work on Instagram

Thank you, Sebastian Sliwinski Studio @sebastiansliw, for this stunning arrangement of the OKO mirror in this elegant contemporary classical interior.⁠

We totally agree with the designer that this living room is a dream! Zieta Studio's #OKOmirror gives it an additional dreamy dimension...⁠

Read more about this steel inox mirror in the link in bio 🔍

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Three #TAFLAO mirrors adorn the wall with their organic bionic shapes at Mayer Magazine's @mayer_magazine office interiors. They are like huge drops of liquid metal immortalized in motion. ⁠

What do you think of such a minimalist setting? ⁠

If you want to know more about our TAFLA mirrors go to the link in bio!

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Thank you, Grzegorz Stępniewski @grzech_photography for capturing these beautiful colour reflections on our RONDO mirrors and on the glass of the MOS Scene of the @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

If you haven't visited the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition in Cracow yet, the following days are the last ones to take the chance! Don't miss it, it is really worth it! 😁⁠

Inside, you will find a wonderful world of Oskar Zięta's steel design – full of surprises and magic! Read more about the exhibition in the link in bio.

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This is the last weekend of the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition at the GAGA - Gallery of Architecture @galeria_gaga @malopolska_garden_of_arts @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

The enchanted #RONDOmirror is waiting for you outside...⁠

Photo: @grzech_photography

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The “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition is still open till the end of February! #inflatales #oskarzięta ⁠

The outdoor installation composed of #RONDOmirror of various sizes attracts the eye and tempts to come to the courtyard and step inside. ⁠

Do not hesitate and visit the show at Rajska 12, Kraków, GAGA - Gallery of Architecture in Garden of Arts @galeria_gaga @malopolska_garden_of_arts @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

Photo: @grzech_photography

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FiDU is an innovative technology of forming steel with compressed air, conceived by Oskar Zięta. The method is based on forcing air under high pressure into welded steel elements. During this process, from a two-dimensional piece of steel, a three-dimensional object with unique properties is created. FiDU technology produces not only beautiful but also functional forms. A tightly rolled metal profile, slowly filled with air, unfolds like a growing plant. ⁠

Visit @teatrwkrakowie to experience yourself the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” show. Last chance to see the exhibition, only till the last February, Tuesday – Sunday, 2 pm – 6 pm.

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